Gimme 30 Minutes A Day? And I?ll Show You How To Live More and Work Less!

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The Next Challenge Starts January 5th 2015… but you can get the first 5 days right now!


If we haven?t officially met ? I?m Racheal Cook.

I?m the Founder of, mama of 3 littles {bebe just turned 1 and 4 year old twins!}, and since 2010,?I?ve worked less than 25 hours a week while building a multi-six-figure business.

Yep. I work less than 25 hours a week.

Which means I get to spend my afternoons blowing bubbles on the back porch, playing dress-up with my little princess, and pretending to be Wonder Woman along with my little Superman.

I don?t have any magical superpowers. I?ve got the exact same 24 hours in a day that you have ? I?m just very mindful of where I spend my time and energy so that I actually have time for my life!

While I absolutely ADORE diving into business strategy and mindful marketing {?cause that?s what I do here at The Yogipreneur}? last year I had a HUGE revelation.

During a retreat with several of my private clients, they shared one of their BIGGEST takeaways from our work together was?getting laser focused in their biz so they could have their life back. Once we put some very specific business practices in place ??they no longer felt like they were spinning their wheels trying to figure out what to do next.

That?s why I created the Fired Up & Focused Challenge ? to help you live MORE and work LESS ? and?create the business and the life of your dreams.

Just 30 Minutes a Day to Get the Clarity and Calm You Crave!

I know you?re busy! Maybe you?re swamped with the day-to-day of running a biz. Maybe you?re building your business on the side. Maybe you?re squeezing your business in during naptime.

If you can give yourself just 30 minutes a day to watch the challenge and complete the assignment, you?ll be amazed at how much you?ll accomplish in just one month.

It?s time to get more done in less time {so you can get back to living your life}! Enter your name + email below to start your 5 day preview?of the Fired Up & Focused Challenge!

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The Next Challenge Starts January 5th 2015… but you can get the first 5 days right now!