Ready For Your Best Year Ever?

Ever wish a productivity expert would swoop in and help you create more ease and less stress in your biz?

How about if a life coach would give you a {loving} kick in the pants when you’re procrastinating and can’t seem to get yourself into action?

And then a business strategist could help you design your business completely around your desired lifestyle… and with an action plan that turns your To-Do list into an It’s DONE list?

You Get Laser Focus, Turbocharged Productivity, and Bigger Results FASTER with The Fired Up & Focused Challenge.

You’ll get excited about your business again – because you’ll kiss stress and busywork goodbye. You’ll be doing the right things … at the right time … the right way.

How to Get Fired Up & Focused:

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels with the overwhelm + stress of entrepreneurship, you’re in the right place!

1-1Enter your name and email below.

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3-1Watch the video. Take a few minutes to complete the assignment. Share in our private Facebook group for accountability.

You’ll be amazed how less than 30 minutes a day will help you regain clarity, focus, and drive for your business!

Ready for More Ease + Less Stress in Your Business? The Fired Up & Focused Challenge Starts NOW!

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Gimme 30 Minutes A Day…

And I’ll Help You Work Less + Live More!

If we haven’t officially met – I’m Racheal Cook {and that handsome fella is my hubby and partner in crime, Jameson}.

When I’m not helping women entrepreneurs to design predictably profitable businesses… I’m a mama of three who since the birth of my twins in 2010 has grown not just one but two multiple six-figure online businesses in less than 25 hours a week.

Yep. I work less than 25 hours a week.

Which means I get to spend my afternoons blowing bubbles on the back porch, playing dress-up with my little princess, pretending to be Wonder Woman along with my little Superman, and of course catching all the Pokemon.

I don’t have any magical superpowers.

I’ve got the exact same 24 hours in a day that you have – I’m just very mindful of where I spend my time and energy so that I actually have time for my life!

The Secret to a Predictably Profitable Business?

Believe it or not – you will work just as hard to build a $50K a year business as you will to build a $250K a year business! Because it’s not about working harder… it’s about WORKING SMARTER and focusing in on the activities that really drive growth in your biz. So even if…

:: You’re swamped with the day-to-day of running a biz and just need some structure and support to create more ease + less stress.

:: You’re building your business on the side, dreaming of the day when you can make your part-time hustle your full-time biz.

:: You’re squeezing your business in during nap-time… and sacrificing these precious first years is a no-go!

…when you can give yourself just 30 minutes a day to watch the challenge and complete the assignment, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish in just 10 days.

Ready for More Ease + Less Stress in Your Business? The Fired Up & Focused Challenge Starts NOW!

Enter your name + best email to join the Challenge!