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Ready to Grow From Stressed Solopreneur to Confident CEO?

2023 is a make it or break it year for entrepreneurs and small business owners as we are all navigating more stress and uncertainty than ever before.

If you’ve been feeling unfocused and overwhelmed – this challenge will help you plan, prioritize, and boost your productivity! So even if…
You’re constantly dealing with the busywork IN your business (all those hours in your inbox or dealing with admin work really add up) and you never seem to have time to work ON the big picture of your business.

You’re so tired of sitting down each week only to have another business emergency land in your lap, completely derailing your plans for a productive week.

Your hours are more limited than ever now that you’re juggling business and family.

…when you can give yourself just 30 minutes a day to watch the challenge and complete the assignment, you?ll be amazed at how much you?ll more productive and profitable you’ll be in just 5 days!

If we haven’t officially met

I’m Racheal Cook.

I’m the Founder of The CEO Collective, Host of the Promote Yourself to CEO Podcast, and working mama of three small humans age 13, 13, and 10.

And since 2010, I’ve worked an average of 25 hours a week … that is not a typo!

In the 5 Day Fired Up & Focused Challenge, you’ll learn exactly how I run a productive to-do list, prioritize profits, and plan for whatever else 2023 will throw our way.

If you’re ready to get more done in less time, join us by entering your name and email below!

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The Fired Up & Focused Challenge Starts Now!

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This was one of the most outstanding online programs I have ever taken. I made it a priority every morning, and I felt like Racheal was with me, personally each day to offer encouragement as well as a good kick in the pants.

I appreciated how much you and your team valued our time. The structure of this program is just right, daily challenge videos were the right length, and completing them took just a few focused minutes more.

I’m already feeling clearer, and more focused. I’m seeing more $$$ coming in. Hooray!!! I shared this program with a few of my friends and my partner, and everyone is having some success. Thank you!

Claudette Evans

I am going through the challenge again and actioning everything! I am blown away with the content in this program.

This is the most generous and helpful FREE program I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you for sharing this! You’ve instantly increased my productivity – so grateful!

Wendy Woods

After the Fired Up & Focused Challenge, I am feeling like I have way more direction and am finally out of my slump.

I loved the practicality of the daily challenges. I was surprised by how much information there was.

This could easily be a program people would pay big money for.

Lori Chamberland

Before the Fired Up & Focused Challenge, I was not thinking of myself as a CEO, not making time for the biz side of things, not having any systems, need I go on?

I now have a 6 month blog editorial calendar, I’ve added new subscribers to my weekly newsletter list, I’ve started sending a weekly newsletter that people have been sending me comments back on (I’m not talking to myself!!!).

I was surprised how in depth it was to be perfectly honest. I loved the bite size actionable items every day.

The Fired Up & Focused Challenge has really kicked me into gear!

Tami Hackbarth

The Fired Up & Focused Challenge Starts Now!

Enter your name + best email to join the 100% Free 5 Day Challenge!

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