The REAL reasons why your marketing isn't working

{and how you can turn things around STAT!}

Day17_6ReasonsOver the past 10+ years working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I?ve learned that there is ONE skill that can make or break your business.

That skill? It’s Mindful Marketing.

Now before you start saying – Rach, I hate marketing. It?s sleazy and gross and hypey – and I just HATE doing it – I want you to hear me out::

Do you like helping people?

Do you find yourself telling people about your passion and how it?s changed your life?

Do you love answering questions and giving advice about your area of expertise?

Do you love being able to connect and create meaningful relationships?

Do you love being generous and being of service to other?

Do you like inspiring people and encouraging them to live their best life?

Do you love creating amazing experiences that facilitates meaningful change in people?s lives?

Yes? Guess what? you?re already an amazing marketer.

But this isn?t hypey gross or pushy infomercial style marketing.

This is what I call Mindful Marketing. Mindful marketing is all about being of service FIRST. It?s about helping people way before you ask them to work with you. It?s about generously giving your expertise. It?s about being honest and transparent and ultimately providing the leadership that people need to take the next step towards their own dreams and goals.

That?s really all mindful marketing is!

Here?s how I know it will work for you? you?are a naturally amazing mindful marketer! You probably LOVE talking about your passion. It?s your favorite thing to study and practice, and nothing gets you more excited than sharing it with someone new. In fact, your partner and friends may even joke with you that you?re obsessed or addicted to sharing it!

And because you?re so passionate about it, you?re probably LOVE spending time in a community of other peeps who are just as passionate as you are. Maybe without meaning to, you may have attracted and nurtured a community around this shared passion.

And even if it was by happy accident, because you?ve been sharing your passion with everyone in your life, you may have become the go-to-yogi or go-to-wellness warrior or go-to-life coach in your circle of friends.

When you?re strategically using mindful marketing, you?re helping people so that they can experience a taste of what it may be like to work with you. You?re just taking what you?re already doing naturally and leveraging that to get the word out to more people.?They can ?try you on? and see if it feels like a fit. And because you?re sharing valuable and helpful information, they can actually see if it works for them and choose to take it to the next level by working with you.

The Fired Up & Focused Challenge is a perfect example of mindful marketing in action.

Right now, I?m sharing ideas and training for free that I sincerely hope is going to help you in your business and your life. I also do this every week through my weekly newsletter?and blog {and as of March 2015… podcast!}.

Why? Because my mission is to give heart-centered entrepreneurs the tools and training they need to create a profitable, sustainable, and insanely fun business doing what they love.?So I?m committed to giving tons of great content to help you in your journey.

{And of course, I?m hoping that if you?re finding this training valuable and you want to go deeper, you?ll join me for even more help and guidance inside Conscious Business Design.}

Now, I?m not trying to oversimplify or dumb down marketing… great mindful marketing is actually a skill that takes years to really develop and hone in a way that feels 100% natural to you. But know that once you really understand marketing – and not just tips or tricks but really understanding the mindful marketing strategies that work for YOU – you?ll have the skills to not just survive, but THRIVE, through the entire lifespan of your business.

So today’s challenge comes directly from one of my FAVORITE thought leaders – Robert Cialdini. His book Influence is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand what makes people tick {and how 6 simple concepts can help people take action!}… but if you don’t have time for the book, this 10 minute video has you covered!

This may have brought up lots of insights – or lots of anxiety. Once you’re aware of these concepts, you can easily see how they can be abused {and why marketing gets a bad rap}.

But if you want to cut through the clutter and help people to take action, understanding these 6 shortcuts and integrating them MINDFULLY & ETHICALLY into your marketing & communications can dramatically help you to attract more clients.

Over the final days?in the Fired Up & Focused Challenge, we’ll be teasing these concepts apart into real, actionable, MINDFUL strategies you can begin implementing right away.

Today’s Challenge:: Share what’s coming up for you in our Facebook group.

See you tomorrow… in the next challenge, we’ll dive into some amazing strategies that leverage these universal principles of mindful marketing!





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