What Beyonce taught me about mindful marketing

{and how you can get perfect-for-you clients to commit!}

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh , oh oh oh!

So, you want people to sign up for your amazing offering.

But let’s be honest – what you’ve got, it’s not for just anyone!

It’s only for your dream, perfect-for-you clients.

But how do you get those peeps to really see the value that you have to offer and know that you’re the ONE?

That’s what we’re covering today.

Earlier this week in the Fired Up & Focused Challenge, we talked about the 6 secrets of persuasion and how you can begin to use them MINDFULLY to build your business.

Today, we’re talking about putting a ring on it!

The truth is… marketing is a lot like dating someone.

Once they discover you, you’ve gotta woo them before you pop the big question {will you work with me}!

And here’s the thing – you’ve really gotta sweep ’em off their feet! No holding back! No waiting to share your best stuff until they hire you! Give ’em everything you’ve got and know that there’s ALWAYS more where that came from!

Today’s challenge is all about using?Consistency?{and Commitment} to build the desire for more of what you’ve got!


Today’s Challenge:: What IFO will you create? Share with us in the Facebook group!

See you tomorrow… in the next challenge, we’ll talk about the power of getting real, raw, and vulnerable with your peeps!


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