Why 'Marketing' Doesn't Work For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs.

Us heart-centered entrepreneurs love what we do.

Like – all caps excited – LOVE !!!!

And usually, that means you can’t shut us up {or stop us if you tried} when it comes to talking about our passion.

But ask us to do marketing…

We don’t wanna.

{*Insert pouty foot stomp here}.

It’s sleazy.

And pushy.

And gross.

If you’ve felt resistant to marketing – you’re in for a treat.

Today, we’re not talking about marketing.

We’re diving deep into the science of resonance.

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn::

  • Why ‘marketing’ just doesn’t work for heart-centered entrepreneurs {whew – big relief headed your way soon}!
  • How the science of resonance can help you to attract, engage, and deepen relationships with your dream clients.
  • Introducing the Entrepreneur Sweet Spot Themes! Learn how Makers, Mavens, Mentors, and Masterminds can use resonance to bring their biz + marketing into alignment with their Business Sweet Spot.

Once you take the quiz, you’ll also get a custom Action Guide for your Sweet Spot Theme! Each of these action guides were designed to share the most effective business models, growth strategies, and marketing strategies that will work effortlessly for you. Review the guide, then share your biggest aha or insight in the Facebook group!

See you tomorrow… in the next challenge, we’ll start taking everything you’ve worked on this week to create a super-actionable 90 day game plan for your business {imagine the power of the Fired Up & Focused Challenge x 3!}



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