Why Slowing Down Will Help You Achieve Your Vision? Faster Than Ever Before!

Have you ever left your computer on for days or weeks on end, with multiple programs running and about a dozen browser windows open… and noticed that it started to slow down?

Or had a million apps open on your iPhone and wondered why the battery needs to recharge… again?

We have this crazy belief that machines can go 24/7/365… but the truth it they need to be shut down, turned off, and recharged regularly if they are going to perform!

So why do we treat iPhone to a rest… but refuse to power down ourselves?

We ALL need to recharge our batteries on a regular basis.

And by recharge – I don’t mean work for 6 months straight with not a single full day off only to collapse on your sofa in pure exhaustion each night.

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn::

  • Why getting bored can actually boost your creativity and productivity {and I don’t mean zoning out to the millionth Friends marathon!}
  • How you can spark more of those AHA moments every single day that allow you to produce deeper and richer body of work.
  • Why getting lost in 50 Shades could be more productive than powering through just one more thing on your to-do-list {especially after a full day in front of the computer}!

See you soon… after we take our business savasana,?we’ll dive into managing emails with elegance and ease!



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