How Would You Treat Your Money If You Were Truly Being the CEO of Your Life & Biz?

Day13_MoneyFlowsDON’T CLICK AWAY!

Yes – today we’re diving into one of the most emotional and overwhelming topics for anyone {not just entrepreneurs}.

We’re talking about money.

But there are no spreadsheets.

There will be no calculators or debt payoff schedules.

And there will be no shame or guilt or panic.

Whew – big sigh of relief, right?

The truth is… most of us are letting the stories we have about money hold us back from truly experiencing the abundance that we already have.

And when you’re afraid to peek at your bank balance or are constantly stressed over cash flow – it’s time to WO{MAN} UP! and start cleaning up your money story.

The truth is – money {and the universe!} loves clarity.

And when you can untangle yourself from the negative associations with money {generally a scarcity, victimized, un-empowered mindset} and begin shifting towards a more positive and abundant relationship with money, you’ll begin to attract what you want {instead of repelling it from you}!

In today’s challenge – I’m sharing an incredibly easy and empowering challenge to help you shift your relationship to money {and step up your money game like a BOSS}.

In todays challenge, you’ll learn::

  • Why Conscious CEOs know they’ve got to pay attention to the money to attract more prosperity into their life and business.
  • Why MONEY is simply an exchange of energy between you and your clients {this is KEY if you’re ready to get paid your worth}
  • An insanely simple exercise to increase the abundance flowing to you!


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See you soon… in the next challenge, we’ll be diving into discovering your business sweet spot {so you can move towards a more profitable, sustainable, and FUN business + life you love!}.





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