Ready to Hit The Ground Running This Fall?

Ever wish a productivity expert would swoop in and help you create more ease and less stress in your biz?

How about if a life coach would give you a {loving} kick in the pants when you?re procrastinating and can?t seem to get yourself into action?

And then a business strategist could help you design your business completely around your desired lifestyle… and with an action plan that turns your To-Do list into an It?s DONE list?

You Get Laser Focus, Turbocharged Productivity, and?Bigger Results FASTER with The Fired Up & Focused Challenge.

You?ll get excited about your business again ? because you?ll kiss stress and busywork goodbye. You?ll be doing the right things … at the right time … the right way.

How to Get Fired Up & Focused::

If you?re ready to stop spinning your wheels with the overwhelm + stress of entrepreneurship, you’re in the right place!

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  3. Watch the video. Take a few minutes to complete the assignment.

You?ll be amazed how less than 30 minutes a day will help you regain clarity, focus, and drive for your business!

Ready for More Ease + Less Stress in Your Business?

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Gimme 30 Minutes A Day…

And I?ll Help You Work Less + Live More!

If we haven?t officially met ? I?m Racheal Cook {and that handsome fella is my hubby and partner in crime, Jameson}.

When I’m not helping women entrepreneurs to design profitable and sustainable businesses… I’m?a mama of three who since?the birth of my twins in 2010 has grown not just one but two?multiple six-figure online businesses in less than 25 hours a week.

Yep. I work less than 25 hours a week.

Which means I get to spend my afternoons blowing bubbles on the back porch, playing dress-up with my little princess, pretending to be Wonder Woman along with my little Superman, and of course catching all the Pokemon.

I don?t have any magical superpowers.

I?ve got the exact same 24 hours in a day that you have ? I?m just very mindful of where I spend my time and energy so that I actually have time for my life!

I Get It… We’re ALL Busy!

:: Maybe you?re swamped with the day-to-day of running a biz and just need some structure and support to?create more ease + less stress.

:: Maybe you?re building your business on the side, dreaming of the day when you can make your part-time hustle your full-time biz.

:: Maybe you?re squeezing your business in during nap-time… and sacrificing these precious first years is a no-go!

If you can give yourself just 30 minutes a day to watch the challenge and complete the assignment, you?ll be amazed at how much you?ll accomplish in just 3?short weeks.

Ready for More Ease + Less Stress in Your Business?

Enter your name + best email to get instant access to the first challenge!

Love Notes
from Challengers!

Can I { happy } cry again? just kidding..kinda. I was going through the list of videos and couldn?t pick just one.?Each of them hit home in one way or another.?Like literally {*singing } Straight To The Heart?. ?Just these tools alone have given me the structure ( I desperately needed and craved ) to realize that:?I can own a businesses with out being overworked, I can run this company like the CEO I am!, I can have moments of peace because I deserve it, I can use a calendar and use it RIGHT and I can be with my beautiful family without biz/financially consequences.

Yesterday I figured my numbers made a monthly goal. To much my surprise I only need to work 8 hours a week to hit my goal ( WHAT THE HELL HAVE I BEEN DOING!?) , I have 25 hours of work time scheduled in my calendar.

This has been amazing for me!?In the last 3 weeks, my productivity has shot through the roof!?There are a lot of amazing realizations and clarity that has come from this challenge for my business. It seems to be yogi based but really it?s about being like minded.

If you are a small business owner looking to get fired up and focused this year, check this out! I?m telling you this is an amazing offering that will help the right people!

Kayla Rose

This was one of the most outstanding online programs I have ever taken.?I made it a priority every morning, and I felt like Racheal was with me, personally each day to offer encouragement as well as a good kick in the pants. I appreciated how much you and your team valued our time. The structure of this program is just right, daily challenge videos were the right length, and completing them took just a few focused minutes more. I?m already feeling clearer, and more focused.?I?m seeing more $ coming in. Hooray!?I shared this program with a few of my friends and my partner, and everyone is having some success. Thank you!
Claudette Evans

The Fired Up & Focused Challenge pretty much changed everything. I actually get things done now which is a miracle!

I was completely blown away at the level of giving in the program.I?would be watching a video and think ?well, that?s nice, but I have no idea how I?d implement that? and then Racheal would tell me exactly how to implement it.

Racheal?s personal support and willingness to answer questions in the Facebook group went above and beyond ANYTHING I would have expected. An incredible level of giving and support that I certainly did not expect.

I was surprised that I actually finished it. I was surprised at how much you gave. I was surprised that there were prizes. I was really surprised and pleased at how present and supportive the members in the Facebook group were!

I?m telling all my friends who do caring work about Racheal. I would especially recommend Racheal to those of us who need a little more support and encouragement in our working lives. Racheal has a type A personality, but she recognizes that many of us don?t and gives you all the help you need to reach your goals.?All the coaches, the acupuncturists, meditators, homeopaths, naturopaths, doulas and sensitives. I am so grateful that I found Racheal, this changes everything.

Cecilia Moorcroft

After the Fired Up & Focused Challenge, I am feeling like I have way more direction and am finally out of my slump.

I loved the practicality of the daily challenges.?I loved Racheal?s warmth, generosity and realness.?I was surprised by just how much information there was. This could easily be a program people would pay big money for.

Lori Chamberland

Before the Fired Up & Focused Challenge? I was not thinking of myself as a CEO, not making time for the biz side of things, not having any systems, need I go on?

I now have a 6 month blog editorial calendar, I?ve added new subscribers to my weekly newsletter list, I?ve started sending a weekly newsletter that people have been sending me comments back on (I?m not talking to myself!!!).

I was surprised how in depth it was to be perfectly honest.?I loved the bite size actionable items every day. I loved the Facebook group and how quickly it became a cheering section. The Fired Up & Focused Challenge has really kicked me into gear!

Tami Hackbarth

Before I joined the Fired Up & Focused Challenge I was working many hours in my coaching business, but there was no structure. I knew I had to become more consistent in my blogging & marketing, but I couldn?t see how & I didn?t trust that I would have the time & inspiration for it.?I had been thinking about my ideal client for more than two years but?I was still confused about who they were and how I could fine-tune & focus my business in a way that suited me.

Now I am WAY more productive! I get so much done. I know exactly what I need to do when a new client comes in, when I schedule a new workshop, when I create a new video or blog, etc so I don?t forget any steps.?I am now putting out weekly free content and?I feel totally confident that I can continue to do so, because I have the systems in place for all the other tasks and I am so much more productive & organized now.

I got total clarity on my dream client and sweet spot ( after having thought about that for 2 years!).?With this clear, everything else is falling into place too.?I know the topics for my next workshops, online courses and 1-on-1 programs and I am ready to create those one at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

I can now clearly see how you can build a profitable business with only 20-25 hours a week (which is what I have available, too).

What surprised me was how these simple organizing tools can make such a huge different in my business and how I approach my business. I can?t wait to get started in the morning!

Irene Langveld

It?s hard to realize the bright, wonderful dream of being your own boss when anxiety keeps you from falling asleep at night and a thousand demands tug at you like the claws of a monster in some endless nightmare. That may sound dramatic, but I was feeling exactly that way before I discovered Racheal, tuned into one of her webinars, and felt revitalized within the first three minutes of it.?By helping me focus on what?s important in my business and on what my spirit craves ? and to breathe along the way ? Racheal has helped neutralize my anxieties as the wearer of a million hats.?I recommend her to every business owner who?s floundering, uncertain, in a state of chaos or otherwise in need of a little grounding and focus. I?ve even recommended her to my sister!?
Joanna Weibe


I am going through the challenge again and actioning everything! I am blown away with the content in this program. This is the most generous and helpful FREE program I?ve ever been a part of. Thank you for sharing this! You?ve instantly increased my productivity ? so grateful!
Wendy Woods

Ready for More Ease + Less Stress in Your Business?

Enter your name + best email to get instant access to the first challenge!