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Since launching the Challenge in 2014, I’ve heard from thousands?of entrepreneurs…

I can’t believe how amazing this challenge is… it’s better than most paid programs I’ve taken!”

I would have happily paid over $500 to get this kind of business training!”

“Is there a way I can get all the videos in one place so I can review throughout the year?”

So I decided to bundle the entire video challenge into one self-paced program to help you plan, prioritize, and boost your productivity,?starting right now!

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start seeing massive momentum in your business, this 21 day program teaches?you the exact strategies I’ve personally used to build 2 multiple-six figure business {all while working about 25 hours a week} without burning out.

Once you understand how smart, savvy, soulful entrepreneurs?intentionally invest their time and energy into their businesses, you’ll stop stressing over the busy work and step into your role as the true CEO of your business.?Each week, we hear amazing stories from participants who used the Challenge as a catalyst for massive growth::

I’ve been teaching writing for 15 years as a high school teacher and library program leader. But it wasn’t until this challenge that I stepped up to own my skills and calling – I’m just now signing the contract on my first writing retreat for women! My business is branching out! Thank you, Racheal, for the inspiration and practical details!

Heather Richard

Racheal, you have done an amazing job making this fun and manageable. The fifteen minute videos have been something I?ve looked forward to as a ?procrastination break? even though they are not at all in the same category as those typical crutches we use for procrastination. I am way more productive and feeling super efficient?.I have been trying to write a business plan that makes sense for a few years and have taken various courses onon business plans and marketing but the instructors have never spoken my language. You do. Thank you!

Casey Berglund

Before the Fired Up & Focused Challenge? I was not thinking of myself as a CEO, not making time for the biz side of things, not having any systems, need I go on?

I now have a 6 month blog editorial calendar, I?ve added new subscribers to my weekly newsletter list, I?ve started sending a weekly newsletter that people have been sending me comments back on (I?m not talking to myself!!!).

I was surprised how in depth it was to be perfectly honest.?I loved the bite size actionable items every day. I loved the Facebook group and how quickly it became a cheering section. The Fired Up & Focused Challenge has really kicked me into gear!

Tami Hackbarth

When You Upgrade to The Fast Track::

BookCoverMockup:: Instant Access to the 21 Day Video Challenge including downloadable video, audio, transcripts, and more so you can start streamlining & systematizing your business, stat!

:: A Printable Fired Up & Focused Workbook full of exercises, checklists, and systems to help you implement what you?re learning right away in your business.

:: Plus, as an exclusive bonus, a print copy of my book Fired Up & Focused based on the Challenge delivered to your doorstep!

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