The Easiest, Simplest, Happiest Way to Stand Out From The Crowd

{And Turn Your Clients into Smitten Kittens!}

Day9_ClientExperienceThere are THOUSANDS of hopeful entrepreneurs launching their new biz each year.

And the #1 thing that separates the PROS from the AMATEURS?


Nope – not experience as in years on the job.

It’s all about an experience that makes everything about working with you… effortless.

The truth is – each point of contact, each touch between your biz and your client – can potentially create friction and frustration.

Friction + Frustration = Unhappy Clients

And uphappy clients quickly turns into unhappy entrepreneur.

And unhappy entrepreneurs mean less people sharing their passions + gifts + talents to make an impact in the world!

Our goal is to make each step of working with you pain-free! Simplified. Streamlined. And 1000% pro.

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn::

  • The easiest way you can completely stand apart from everyone else in your field {seriously… no-one?does this and it’s the best way to turn your clients into smitten kittens}!
  • How you might be making it too hard for peeps to work with you and how you can turn that around PRONTO!
  • My favorite tool for streamlining a HUGE portion of your customer service {it’s like hiring a team for a fraction of the cost}!

Check out my FAVORITE client management program Satori?{affiliate link}. It’s like getting an entire team of assistants – for $25 a month. I’ve been using it for over 2 years now to manage my private clients – it does EVERYTHING from the first interview session to signing agreements to invoicing. If you’re working with peeps 1×1, it’s a FABULOUS option that I 1000% recommend! Check out the free 30 day trial!

Some other great tools to streamline your client systems::

Hellosign or Echosign are fabulous for electronically signing agreements {and both have limited free options!}

AcuityScheduling?is a great scheduling tool that make it easy-peasy for peeps to get on your calendar!

Freshbooks, Harvest, and Pancake are perfect if you’re a service provider who needs to track hours and send invoices.

17 Hats?also looks like a great potential all-in-one program for service providers.

PayPal – We all KNOW PayPal. And that trust ? it goes a LONG way. PayPal pretty much has it all these days ? online payments, payment plan setup, invoicing? they even have Bill Me Later where your peeps can apply for credit through them to finance working with you.

Stripe?? Originally developed for e-commerce, Stripe gives you a TON of flexibility when setting up your online payment system.?Perfect if you want to control the entire experience and integrate with other platforms.

Square ? Square is the original plug-in card reader that works with your iPhone or iPad. I?ve seen it used everywhere! If you wanna quick way to take payments on the go {private yoga teachers! massage therapists!}, check this out.

See you tomorrow… in the next challenge, we’re talkin’ about turning your biz into a well oiled machine!





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