How to End Email Overload & Actually Get Sh*t Done

Day8_NovelHow much time do you think you spend a week dealing with email?

5 hours?

9 hours?

Try 13.

According to research – the average office worker spends 13 hours a week dealing with their inbox. That’s over 25% of their week.

I’m betting that for the average solo-preneur… email is a much bigger monster.

So while there are much sexier topics we could cover {and we will in the Fired Up & Focused Challenge!}… there’s no doubt that streamlining your email could give you back HOURS in your week.

And if you ever plan to turn over email to an assistant – you’ve GOTTA have some systems in place so you know your peeps are well taken care of!

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn::

  • How CEOs approach email differently {you can bet Sir Richard Branson isn’t responding to each request as soon as it hits his inbox!} and how you can adopt their system right away
  • A super fast way to stop answering the same questions over and over again {you know the ones that you get asked every. single. week! even though the info is right there on your website? Yep. We’ll nip it in the bud!}
  • My favorite way to clear your inbox faster than ever before {bonus – there’s a game involved. With points. And WINNING!}

Check out these amazing tools to end email overload:: Manage any newsletters you’re subscribed to by rolling them up into a daily digest! Make sure you DON’T roll up the Fired Up & Focused Challenge emails!!!

The Email Game?- Super fun way to one-touch your inbox {’cause who doesn’t love a clean inbox?}

Boomerang?- Great extension for Gmail that makes it so simple to followup or set reminders.

Gmail for Biz?- My absolute favorite way to manage my business emails and have access to all the tools Google offers. See you soon… in tomorrows challenge I’ll share how you can stop sweating the small stuff in your biz {and free up your energy for your most important work}!





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