The difference between a hobby and a business...

{it’s all about discovering your Business Sweet Spot!}

Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

>>>?Your calendar was filled with clients you absolutely adore?working with {peeps who you would happily invite over for tea + yoga!}

>>>?Your workshops + programs filled quickly?{and your waiting lists guaranteed that you’d always have enough cash flow to sustain yourself + your family}

>>> You knew EXACTLY what to offer your community {and no more stressing over how to promote you biz because?you’ve finally unlocked the secret to authentically sharing your message ick-free}!

It’s actually easier than you might think to make this dream come true… and it all starts with discovering your Business Sweet Spot.

What is your Business Sweet Spot? It’s the intersection of your passions, your purpose, and the people you are meant to serve.

It might sound simple enough… but actually understanding your Business Sweet Spot and translating it into a business that fits you 100% are two COMPLETELY different things. {That’s why I have an entire program Sweet Spot Strategy dedicated to helping you do just that!}

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn the major difference between an expensive hobby and a profitable, sustainable business {*hint* It’s not all about you!}::



See you tomorrow… we’ll finally break the code to marketing that feels good!



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